Domain Knowledge Matters


BUSINESS CONSULTING INTRODUCTION is one of the “best kept secrets” in Western Michigan. Since 2000, he has been helping businesses market, grow, improve, manage expenses more effectively, and significantly increase efficiencies and net profits through automated Buusiness Systems. Over the past 15 years, he has personally worked with over 600 clients, mostly family-owned and closely held businesses from 10 to 500 employees. Michael manages resources to deliver highly trained and experienced subject matter experts and independent contractors willing to travel nationwide and ready to determine and resolve the specific problems and issues in your business.

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The eCommerce is an ever changing environment as service providers use big data to create ways of buying & selling for seamless integration to digital media & social platforms.

TODAY through the use of the Cloud we can develop white labeled diversed Merchant Directories for implementing discount loyality programs. Designed to assist the small merchant with online digital media and recruiting more local buyers. A merchant can just hand them out or through a shared partner program for fundraisers create a deal card, an advanced purchase much like a pre-paid Visa Reward Program.

What is unique about this technology from your average free coupon app is that by swiping a card, each merchant (Diversified market that includes retail, hospitality, commercial and any public or private service who are a participating merchant) will add the customer to their database for “Opted-In” delivery of a SaaS dashboard solution. This provides for a 2-way communication that connects the merchant with new customers to do surveys and automatically receive new promotional deals added to the card. The white label directory platform interface uses pre-designed advertising content & preset timed thresholds that posts to social platforms, customer websites, large screen TV’s, menu boards, email and text messaging ad campaigns.

Save 8aBA

“Invest Locally – Buy from a locally owned business”

616 LOCAL AREA CARD– Detailed Information about The Lakeshore in Western Michigan.



Merchant Digital Marketing – Help Center, Web Services, Social Media and Email Marketing – To learn more contact Michael J. Rutherford [562.706.3637]

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Does your Brand Communicate?
We manage online media, organize data, analytic tracking, commercial email advertising, SMS, media marketing, mobile marketing, web development, web hosting, web design, video creative and production. We also offer viral media, business branding, custom software services, PHP development, print media and new business strategies. We cover just about everything and work with all types of local businesses and startups who want to grow fast. We offer fortune 500’s ideas with the best solutions at the right price.

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All advertising media solutions are turnkey programs for companies and resellers with complete plug and play applications that are up and running in a few days. We support your needs and the personalization of your identity.

For the most advance local solutions ask about our network marketing to get the most from your investment.

Our concierge media service can assist and manage any arrangements for services that include TV, radio, PPC, billboard, magazine and print publications.

We do extensive research before we open up vendor negotiations with our media partners. We not only build strategies to benefit your outsource advertising investments, we do it right.

Our advanced data verticals that allow us to target and market products or services, capture people of interest and obtain orders at a lower cost than traditional advertising.

Digital media with managed data creates complete accountability with tracking reports and a call to action movement for a higher ROI.

Project Management /SaaS Deployments

As a leader for sales operations & marketing for account management & service expectations for project management where the responsibility for the deployment of 30 to 40 projects per month the specific technology served the needs for process management for cash control, marketing, customer CRM tools, financial accounting, and labor scheduling, inventory, and order entry for product preparation. The enterprise solutions included modules for above store reporting, performance improvement and business intelligence.

The projects & deployments represented the following technology:

Web 2.0 – Performance improvement services
Web 2.0 – Resource management services
Enterprise – Business Intelligence services
Enterprise – Business process management services

Source details: Project Management /SaaS Deployments

Managed Service & Sales History

CUSTOMERS LOGO ACQUISITIONS – Maximized Customers return on investment. In the information technology industry for small business resellers as a manager of sales operations our revenue went from $2.5mm with the Big 3 Service Contracts to $17.5MM selling, installing and supporting systems to major brands before being acquired by Radiant Systems, the manufacturer whose sales were over $300MM – and later acquired by NCR for $2.1BB.

Source details: Managed Service & Sales History

31 Core Competencies


The following is a summarized list of the 31 competencies listed by “cluster” (similar competencies related to a common skill set). Each competency includes a definition and the observable behaviors that may indicate the existence of a competency in a person.

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Technology Powered for Leadership Connect

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY – Tools and Support for the Workforce, Talent Management and Performance Improvement.

The Technology offers expert guidance, processes and tools that support talent management to increase retention, support progression planning, professional development, job assignments and performance management. By focusing on evidence of skill, expertise and performance, using electronic portfolios, the Web 2.0 technology platform can help your organization easily and efficiently focus on individuals and groups to meet your organization’s needs and impact bottom line results.

Connect subject matter experts as mentoring guidance counselors, resources, processes and tools that support talent management. … supporting competency-based education for career development. Review the Executive Summaries & Tools to support the Workforce, Talent Management and Performance Improvement needed for the 21st Century.

Source details: Technology Powered for Leadership Connect