Across the country Educational Institutions, Employers and Professional Organizations are collaborating to better prepare students with competency-based education for career development.

Fixing the cost of education, justifying investments and meeting work force demands

When working together in a transparent environment to “track the outcomes to justify the financial investment” connecting learners with employers to develop job skills to grow our economy into the 21st Century.

“A transparent environment needs a much faster resolution for change to happen.”

When we do:

This would allow employers to share the curriculum of studies & competency-based certification requirements with education institutions for professional development that employers are looking to hire for the 21st Century.

* It would allow the Institutions & employers to track the credentials earned through ezPortfolio management services for each Student who is now transitioning into the workforce.

* It would connect working students & employers together on a web 2.0 platform with collaboration tools for an expert path panel to coach from a distance on an ongoing ever changing career path plan (breaking down into projects) for professional development.

* It would allow working learners to pay our student loans back by reporting back to our financial institutions on our career paths.

* It woulid provide reporting to the financial services & lending institutions, providing proof & data that the student, now an employed professional,  is successfully completing the path plans that justifies the investments into education.

Implementing change using transparent technology can assist the relationships between schools, universities, employers, organizations, government and communities for modern mentoring that communicates solutions for justifying increased investments into higher education.

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A Web 2.0 Platform for connecting Education & Industry Leadership together for Professional Development. [Schools, Universities, Employers, Organizations and Communities] – an application-based ePortfolio communication system for Mentoring, Coaching and Developing Working Learners. The system connects students with a Path Panel of Professional Experts that provides a method to collaborate in a transparent online environment for negotiating across the board Performance-based Compentency Improvement Path Plans for Succession Planning and Capacity Development – [Provides the platform to drive certifications for approving credentials].

Link to Report – States earn failing grades for supporting higher education



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