Modern Mentoring SaaS Solution for Micro-Credentials

Private social network platform for community of practice, expert path panels & path plans

Many successul leaders, despite being extremely busy, set aside at least an hour a day (or five hours a week) over their entire career for activities that could be classified as deliberate practice of learning.



An open-sourced technology platform to help display learning and career path plans that can be driven by ad-hoc managed requests with the ability to author & publish best practices. Competency models can be taught through Expert Path Panels that allow for coaching between working learners, learning providers, and employers.

The Technology Solution offers Private Social Network(s) for collaboration and transparent learning composed of different tools that are similar to DropBox, Facebook and WordPress except instead of seperate silos, these types of tools are available within one social environment (example of screen shots are available at the bottom of this portfolio web page).  The system is uniquely designed for exchanging valuable private information within Community of Practice environments for transfering knowledge.

“I am confident that in order to restore access to the American Dream, it will take effort from across all boundaries.” – Monique Rizer

CONNECTING RESOURCES: Expert path panels & expert path plans for the working learners to advance their career, leadership, and professional development.

Private Social Networks for Associations

Students, Working Learners and Young Professionals being Guided by Leadership Connections.



Communities of Practice Expert Path Panels consists of subject matter experts (anywhere in the World) who “Input” learning thresholds using ad-hoc, company training content or industry competency performance-based modules. Where the mentors and the learner “suggests & negotiates” so that the expert panel of mentors can coach, teach and develop the performer (learner candidate) through career or project path plans.

They “execute” ongoing growth plans and communicate the “next steps” communicating with light touches through any device like Smartphones or Tablets. This method for long distance training, teaching and professional development can serve all segments well for transferring knowledge to students transitioning from education (high schools, career centers, trade schools, college and universities) through leadership support teams, workgroups & partnerships for industry jobs.

Industry Modern Mentoring Programs (Academic Education & Industry Practical Experience Resources working together) Example:

o TEACHERS: Instructs students in curriculum program knowledge and skills, assesses progress and collaborates with employers, counselors and mentors.

o EMPLOYERS Gives direction. Thinks in terms of how students fit into the needs of their organizations.Informs school to work connections and how mentors coach for workplace readiness.

o COUNSELORS: Help students plan career paths and graduation & certification plans, monitors student progression, works with teachers and mentors to identify student needs – at risk students that need coaching and mentoring, talented students that need opportunities to showcase their work, students whose academic performance needs support.

o MENTORS: Model and coach the traits of successful industry experts and leaders and the value of education, professional training and graduation, work with the school & trade associations to focus on specific student needs, work with students to refine their ePortfolios and connect with potential employers.


Can you imagine using your mobile application having access with subject matter experts (up to 9 seats) who mentor the learning candidate through a career path plan for certifying micro-credentials? This combination of education & industry leadership could impact transitioning high school students into career paths starting as young as in middle school. This could allow the Youth of American to follow their passions being led into careers that employers are looking to hire for the 21st Century.


Welcome to TIfPI

For five years, while a consultant with Accredited Portfolios, I worked alongside 2 colleagues (Deb Page & Dr. Judy Hale) who assisted with presentations to provide LeaderTracker SaaS and professional services to the National Restaurant Association – ProStart Apprenticeship program transitioning students into the workforce. They authored the Standards and Certification Book approved by the Department of Education for the “School Improvement Guides” used by several states. The guides were created to certify school improvement specialists, who in the past did not have any set standardard requirements to be a School Improvement Specialist in each state.

Today they are working towards a much stronger “School Improvement Specialist Program” that each state operates to assist school districts, where the people who support the administrators, school principals and teachers are at least working with a foundation of 10 principles and best practices when training others for consistency.

In 2001, Deb Page was asked by the Governor of Georgia to be the Executive Director and develop the Georgia Leadership Institute of School Improvement and later in 2011, Co-founded The Institute for Performance Improvement to lead the march on a national level with Dr. Judy Hale as the Co-founder of TIfPI. Dr. Hale served two seperate terms as past president of the International Society of Performance Improvement.

Deb Page & Dr. Judy Hale performed 5 years of 70 human performance management case studies behind the professional development toolkit for certifications SaaS model called LeaderTracker which was created in 2009. The technology was ahead of its time, particularly for the Boomer Generation.

Many school districts are using collaboration and professional development software today. Since most school districts software applications are silos and don’t communicate across the board improvement plans with other district professionals it is hard to have an organized social learning environment that would allow the best school districts to mentor the non-performing ones (aligning similar geographical leadership to teach, coach and develop assisting them with experts who can teach what works).

“Transfering the knowledge” — there is no mechanism in practice today that provides a platform similar to LinkedIn or Facebook, which can provide Communities of Practice or Groups the tools to advance peoples skills.

If you have 7.5 minutes this gives a detailed review of LeaderTracker which is a social learning network.


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Educational Innovation through Collaboration | Jason Pasatta | TEDxMacatawa

Jason Pasatta talks about ways to innovate education and engage students.Jason Pasatta is the Development Director for Career and Technical Education within the Ottawa Area Intermediate School District (OAISD), which serves 55,000 public and non-public school students. In this position, he has developed and is championing the FuturePREP program, an initiative that connects education, business and the community to provide relevant learning options both for educators and students.


ANIMATED VIDEO – Changing Education Paradigms – by Sir Ken Robinson



The most recent release of the 23 competency models from the nation’s business & industry Associations are made public as resources that can be found at this address:

Those Competency Models are serving as the national standards that were not in place four years ago. The following Associations represent 70% of the Nation’s workforce or 30 million new jobs in next five years. These competency-based models will help to bridge the gap between education curriculums and competency requirements that employers are looking to hire to grow the economy in the 21st Century.

The solution for ongoing guidance and professional development for career pathways from middle school to higher education are in need to connect learners with the right resources.  By leveraging today’s technology to automate mentoring processes through an expert path panel using the Cloud on a Web 2.0 platform, we can participate in social learning mechanisms that transfer knowledge to help students that will make the biggest differences.

Where we can collaborate & learn from subject matter experts and each other & where we have the ability to design, create and personalize our own training to gain micro-credential certifications using standardize competency models.

NRSI - Frame

The National Retail Services Competency (NRSC) Model Outline
Brochure available HERE
[This project is made possible through grants from Walmart Foundation, Joyce Foundation, Lumina Foundation, and ACT Foundation]
The NRSC is the only competency model to define what leads to successful careers in all retail and related industry jobs. Virtually anyone, whether students, workers, employers, educators, trainers, or workforce organizations can use the model to select solutions that will meet their own strategic needs.
ACT Foundation – The National Retail Services Initiative (NRSI) is a capacity building, systemic investment which includes three elements:
Convene a National Retail Services Advisory Council to build out a cross-sector retail services competency model.
Design, develop, and launch an open-sourced technology platform to display learning and career maps driven by the newly built cross-sector competency model for working learners, learning providers, and employers.
Activate planning partnerships with employers to develop and design “Hiring for Competency” tools to help implement the competency model.
More NRSC information available  HERE
ACT Foundation Finding the Career Pathway You SEEK – ACT Foundation
SEEK is designed to be aspirational. It is a particularly empowering tool for workers who think that there is a great competency deficit between their current skills and those needed for the career they want. Mapping out our careers.



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