Innovative Technology

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We provide organizations adhesive ways to add value for education & training services that lowers the costs of software for professional development! Members are able to invest in affordable solutions that would normally be to expensive that impacts their career development and economic growth!



The system is designed to connect students, instructors, supervisors, trainers, mentors together from any organization that adds adherent value to Academic and training programs with professionals in the workplace. The application features are for coaching academics and real-life experiences to achieve competency requirements for jobs and performance improvement.

A Cloud-based Platform that allows its subscribers to collaborate in any number of Groups working either “ad-hoc or by using structured processes such as professional growth plans for leadership development, organizational improvement” – in which everyone has electronic portfolios that they can create and share with workgroups, colleagues, management, and prospective employers.

Workforce training, competency-based learning, and online learning are clearly not new phenomena, but online competency-based education is revolutionary because it marks the critical convergence of multiple vectors: the right learning model, the right technologies, the right customers, and the right business model.

Mission and Guiding Principles

Foster public and private collaboration on open-source technologies that share a common framework but can be easily adapted to meet each other’s requirements and work processes.

Accredited Portfolios LLC was created to deliver information technology that fosters collaborative communities of practice both within and across numerous boundaries which may include organization, geography, expertise, support, or resources. Our services allow institutions, groups and mentors to collaborate on an individual’s professional development while permitting those participating individuals, groups, and institutions to create and share professional electronic portfolios.


Industry Modern Mentoring Programs (Academic Education & Industry Practical Experience Resources working together) Example:

o TEACHERS: Instructs students in curriculum program knowledge and skills, assesses progress and collaborates with employers, counselors and mentors.

o EMPLOYERS Gives direction. Thinks in terms of how students fit into the needs of their organizations.Informs school to work connections and how mentors coach for workplace readiness.

o COUNSELORS: Help students plan career paths and graduation & certification plans, monitors student progression, works with teachers and mentors to identify student needs – at risk students that need coaching and mentoring, talented students that need opportunities to showcase their work, students whose academic performance needs support.

o MENTORS: Model and coach the traits of successful industry experts and leaders and the value of education, professional training and graduation, work with the school & trade associations to focus on specific student needs, work with students to refine their ePortfolios and connect with potential employers.


A Modern Mentoring Culture begins with making everyone both advisors and learners.

Replicating Human Resources:
The Role of People, Processes, and Systems!
To improve the cost-effectiveness of information technology for members of the association by providing a mechanism for sharing services not economically or operationally feasible for a small business

To promote interoperability through use of web standards, open-source software, and shared services

A way for business operators, schools, sponsors, and learning candidates (geographically dispersed) to collaborate, negotiate, and support preparation and certifications for professional development

A way to document and promote real work done in the real workplace by real people as key components of leadership succession planning

A way for a collaborative team to coordinate and align leadership preparation with performance improvement plans

A way for a collaborative team to coordinate and align leadership preparation plans with university programs and industry apprenticeship certification programs

Allow individuals to keep and publish their professional portfolios

Provide mechanisms to track evidence of completion of key performances

Support industry certified professionals through competency-based education

For more details please review the other portfolios by clicking arrows below! 




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