A pro-active, highly-qualified, and self-motivated professional with a history of cultivating and maintaining Win/Win relationships.

Michael has a background that provides expert consulting to small businesses on the best automated Business Solutions and the use of Payment Processing, Payroll & HR Processing, Marketing Solutions, and Business & Managed Services for Performance Improvement.

Michael can communicate easily with staff and clients for sales, marketing & operations alike; motivating, collaborating and leading people while influencing with a credible style that makes them want to work and do business together.

Michael’s accomplishments include:

  • A track record of consistent successful sales & marketing, training and operations management.
  • Proven ability to deliver predictable and consistent results.
  • Contributing to a company’s growth through development and implementation of corporate strategies.

Michael is a successful service sales engagement leader that leverages industry and product knowledge, project execution and management skills to guide the sales & implementation teams in producing optimal business solutions. Michael’s background allows him to perform as an experienced “change agent” who continuously keeps the objectives in mind, ensuring the transformation of requirements into successful solutions and business outcomes.

If your organization will benefit from an energetic professional with these attributes, please contact by calling Michael direct at 562.706.3637 or by email at




Do you have your measurements in place to meet your goals?

“A performance measurement is the difference between your goal and where you currently reside. This difference is understood to be the gap keeping you from reaching it. The solution is the resource to help you meet your goal.”

How often are you measuring and adjusting your resources to close the gap?

Does your Brand Communicate?
A team of expert resources are available to manage online media, organize data, analytic tracking, commercial email advertising, SMS, media marketing, mobile marketing, web development, web hosting, web design, video creative and production. We also offer viral media, business branding, custom software services, PHP development, print media and new business strategies. We cover just about everything and work with all types of local businesses and startups who want to grow fast. We offer fortune 500 ideas with the best solutions at the right price.

Talk with us, we have a solution for you
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All advertising media solutions are turnkey programs for companies and resellers with complete plug and play applications that are up and running in a few days. We support your needs and the personalization of your identity.

For the most advance local solutions ask about our network marketing to get the most from your investment.

Our concierge media products can assist and manage any arrangements for services that include TV, radio, PPC, billboard, magazine and print publications.

We do extensive research before we open up vendor negotiations with our media partners.  We not only build strategies to benefit your outsource advertising investments, we do it right.

Our advanced data verticals that allow us to target and market products or services, capture people of interest and obtain orders at a lower cost than traditional advertising.

Digital media with managed data creates complete accountability with tracking reports and a call to action movement for a higher ROI.

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